Creative Conspiracy presents:

‘Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service’

A Short Film By Kim Claeys and Karim Rhellam

When a not so charming Prince slays the dragon guarding a fairy tale Princess,
she promptly orders a new one with the Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service.
They deliver whatever, wherever, whenever…

About the film

“Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service ‐ Damsel In Distress” is a hilariously funny short film featuring an exceptionally absurd cast on a fantastic adventure… or should we say delivery. Based on an original concept by Kim Claeys, the animated short is produced by Creative Conspiracy and directed by Kim Claeys and Karim Rhellam.

About the story

We all know the tale of the beautiful princess locked away in a tower, guarded by a horrible dragon.And then one happy day a brave prince comes along, slaughters the monster and takes the princess as his prize – sorry – we mean bride. But what you probably don’t know is that in those days most princesses locked themselves away voluntarily; anything to get away from those unhygienic egomaniac princes who swept the country like a plague. A nasty fire‐breathing dragon on the princess’ payroll had to ensure that none of those annoying suitors made it past the front door, leaving the princess with oodles of time to spend on lovely princessy things, such as facebook.

But what if – against all odds – one of those princes actually manages to slaughter the dragon?! What is a helpless princess to do? Marry the idiot? Definitely not an option. No, she would need another dragon, presto! But where does one get a dragon quick‐snap like that? That’s where the Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service comes into play!

The ninjas who run the delivery service ‐ yes, there’s three of them – each possess a special power, allowing them to do things other delivery services can only dream of. Red Ninja has the uncanny ability to look through time and space. Yellow Ninja complements this with his ability to travel through space and time. And Purple Ninja can temporarily reduce the size of anything by inhaling its mass. The combination of these powers allows the Ninjas to guarantee their business motto: WE DELIVER WHATEVER YOU WANT, WHEREVER YOU WANT, WHENEVER YOU WANT!

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