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Technical Specifications

Type: Short film
Title: Three Little Ninjas Delivery Service – Damsel In Distress
Genre: Absurd action comedy
Target Audience: All Audiences
Age Rating: 6+
Duration: 11 minutes 38 seconds
Production Company: Creative Conspiracy
Country of Production: Belgium
Year of Production: 2016
Original Language: English
Technique: 2D/3D mix


Created by Kim Claeys
Produced by Karim Rhellam
Directed by Kim Claeys and Karim Rhellam
Executive Produced by Luc Van Driessche, Gerrit Bekers and Peter Decraene
Music by Gregory Caron
Voice Princess by Megan Quill
Voice Prince by John Tillotson
Voice Ninjas by Kim Claeys
Additional voices by Gregory Caron
Written by Kim Claeys
Story Editor: Karim Rhellam